Covid-19, a deadly biological weapon.

Humans are created by God and in his image, to make known his greatness, his love, and to worship him in spirit and in truth. God gives intelligence to man so that he can do great things in our society. Humans were created to live in harmony and in mutual protection. Unfortunately, because of the original sin of our first parents Adam and Eve, humans have become wicked and attack each other daily. Love and mutual protection have disappeared; one becomes a wolf for the other. They manufactured all kinds of weapons to attack each other: chemical, biological, conventional, sharp, homemade, and so many others. Human lives are threatened, no one feels more secure. We wonder: where is the world going and what will become of it?


Man is an intelligent being his intelligence is beyond measure. They do things for the happiness of our society. They also do things for the misfortune of the world. Today, the whole world is attacked by a deadly biological weapon from China, called COVID-19. This weapon reaches all the confines of the world and kills more than a million people to date. The country most affected by this lethal weapon is the United States of America. Coronavirus is not natural; it is artificial and causes serious illness in humans. What is a biological weapon? A biological weapon is made up of viruses, bacteria and many other deadly elements that can wipe out the inhabitants of a region, a country, a continent, or the whole world. When this weapon reaches the whole world, it becomes a pandemic. This is the case of the Covid-19. Why is a country obliged to manufacture such weapons? What is in the hearts of these manufacturers? The victims are innocent non-combatants who pose no danger to the world. It is a criminal and terrorist act of making a weapon that kills so many people. We must not remain with our eyes closed, we must demand justice and reparation for our citizens killed by Corona Virus. China must say something, it must respond to the cries of millions of families affected by Covid-19. It is no coincidence; it is something China has planned to destroy the human race. Coronavirus reaches the poorest countries in the world and the poorest people. It is a far-reaching crime that must be studied by the United Nations and the G8 to find a lasting solution.

Coronavirus is a weapon of mass destruction that can cause the death of humans, animals, and the destruction of plants. For that, all nations are prohibited from using biological weapons, even in time of war. This, to protect innocent non-combatants.

To all those who are afraid for their lives in the face of the corona virus; do not be afraid, Jesus Christ has the solution. He said in his word: “come to me all you who are tired and burdensome; I will give you rest ”Matthew 11:28. He will return very soon to put an end to the problems of this world. At his second coming, the criminals and the manufacturers of biological weapons will no longer be. They will answer before the tribunal of Christ; they will be condemned for destroying millions of children of God. While waiting for these things, let us continue to wear our masks, regularly wash our hands, and follow all the established sanitary principles. Let us believe in God to protect us because He is the source of life.

Me Serge Desrameaux, Avocat, Professeur and Pasteur


MA in Ministry

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