Family security

The family is a small community of individuals consisting of father, mother, and children. It is naturally the fundamental basis of society. The family is the first place where humans learn to love and appreciate others, respect, and obey the moral and fundamental principles established in a society. It is the place of learning and the center of the social, political, and religious life. In practice, the notion of family does not only correspond to the father, mother, and children. Since there are also single-parent families where some mothers raising their children without the presence of their fathers, or some fathers raising their children without the presence of their mothers for specific reasons. Among those reasons, we cite: the death of one of the spouses, divorce, separation, or abandonment of the family’s home by one of the spouses, etc. Also, some people are married and have no chance to give birth, have adopted children from another family to form a complete family. Some homosexual couples who cannot give birth, adopt children from other family to form also their own complete family. In fact, everyone living in a community comes from a complete family or single family. Each family member whether the father, the mother, or child has duties towards his family, his community, his country, and his government. To live better, each family member has the responsibility to protect himself, his family, and his community against all danger. Every family’s member must also respect and appreciate his/her neighbors or everyone living in the community without discrimination. Otherwise, this family member is a bad citizen who deserves to be re-educated. As we had seen above; all good things are learned at home. However, there are also bad things that are learned at the family home, depending on the behavior of the father, mother, or the responsible person who should be a model for his children.
Sometimes into a family, there are troubles among some members. They fight every day one against other for several reasons; there is no solidarity between them. This is not a good thing. That bad practice should not acceptable in a community. Security or insecurity begins in the family house, all depends on the behavior of its members and the basic education received and its implementation. When a family member commits a wrongdoing in his family or community, he degrades his family and degrades himself. For that, he/she is civilly or criminally responsible for the harm he/she has committed. In fact, in a family home, a member does not need to physically attack another to hurt him. “Words hurt, silence hurts, indifference hurts, treason hurts, and rejection or contempt hurts.” To protect a family, his members must behave as good citizens. Formerly, in some countries; the family continues in the streets, school, church, and in social groups. Everyone has the right to keep eyes and protect the children, to discipline them for the well-being of the community.
Me Serge Desrameaux, Lawyer and Professor;

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