Personal Security

Criminal behavior and security measures is a preliminary study based on the role and responsibility of Law Enforcement Organization, Private Security Companies, and all citizens of a community to ensuring a good personal and environmental security. The social, religious, and political behavior of a citizen in a community is the fundamental basis of security or insecurity. The personal and collective security is an important factor and an absolute necessity for all people who want to live in peace in a community. In harmonization with criminal justice system; personal security is a state or a condition by which a citizen or an institution feeling aware of his vulnerability, takes necessary measures to protect his or her life and property against criminal attacks or vandalism acts that repeat each day. Every citizen must know what to do and which precautions taken. Those necessary measures must be made proactively and preventively to avoid being a victim of a crime before it is committed.

Serge Desrameaux, Lawyer and Professor


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