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Youth is the future of a nation and the child of today is the adult of tomorrow. Because of the behavior of certain young people at school, church, on the streets, at university, and even at home; our nation is at risk. In the context of the rehabilitation of youth and all those who have criminal behavior. I have the honor to write a book entitled “Criminal Behavior and Security Measures”. This document can be used as a safe guide to instruct the professors, teachers, priests, pastors, lawyers, police officers, and everyone in our community. There are several factors that can contribute to an individual’s criminal behavior. That’s why, all youths whatever their ethnic group, must know the following concepts: family, citizenship, community, morality, moral conscience, delinquency, law, responsibility, crimes, and causes of crime and its consequences. The criminal behavior of an individual generates insecurity and the insecurity frightens. The rehabilitation of our young people through criminal justice system should be necessary to fight against insecurity.
Serge Desrameaux, Lawyer and Professor

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